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Perennials, Herbaceous Plants & Bulbs - for Cool & Warm Climates

  • Addictive Landscapes – NSW – Bromeliads, heliconias, gingers and other species from Madagascar

  • Andy’s Rare Plants – NSW – S. African and S. American bulbs and ornamentals.

  • Australian Geranium Society – Robyn Bible – NSW – Big variety of geranium and pelargonium species and varieties.

  • Club Creek Bulb Farm - VIC - A wide range of unique bulbs incl. dahlia tubers and lillium bulbs for the garden, balcony and micro flower farms.

  • Green E Roses – NSW – Potted roses, incl new releases, heritage bush, climbing, patio standard and weeping standard

  • Just Cliveas and Rare Things - NSW - Selection of primary hybrids and species clivias

  • Kinspirit Iris and Daylily Farm – NSW – Bearded and Louisiana iris, daylilies & other rare hardy shrubs

  • The Green Gallery - NSW- Grows a huge variety of premium perennial colour as well as high quality tropical funky foliage and indoor plants.

  • Woodside Plants and Design - NSW  - Growing beautiful, intriguing plants incl. ornamental grasses, perennials and succulents


Edible Plants - Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

  • Forbidden Fruit Nursery - NSW - Growers of fruit trees, dwarf fruit trees, bush food plants also rare and collectable plants.

  • Fruit Salad Trees - NSW - Unique, multi grafted trees. Up to 6 fruits on one tree.

Ornamental Shrubs, Trees and Australian Native Plants

  • Ausplants Nursery – NSW – Wide range Grafted Australian native ornamental plants, eremophilas, flannel flower, kangaroo paw

  • Burbank Nursery - NSW- Shrubs, trees, coastal plants, ground covers and miniature fruit trees.

  • Mother Earth Nursery -NSW- A wide selection of collectors’ and interesting plants for indoors and out. Also great garden ornaments. 

  • Sustainable Natives – NSW – Wide selection of native plants, including endangered species

  • Yamina Rare Plants – VIC – Rare & unusual collectors' plant nursery specialising in magnolias, acers & conifers to name a few


Orchids, Bromeliads, Aroids, Carnivorous Plants, Ferns, Bonsai, Cacti & Succulents

  • Australasian Carnivorous Plant Society – NSW – Nepanthes, Venus Fly Trap, Saracenia and Drosera

  • Coachwood Nursery - NSW - Succulents, perennials and other ornamental plants

  • Dark Star Orchids -NSW- A leading orchid grower and supplier of rare and exotic orchid species and some hybrids. Orchids offered range from seedlings to mature flowering-size plants to suit collectors from novice to expert grower.

  • Daddy’s and the Queen -NSW- Mostly aroids. anthurium specialists. Special philodendron and monstera. Rare plants and unicorns.

  • Grow.Vertical -NSW- Specialises in vertical plant supports, Fernwood Tree fern fibre grow medium as well as the plants that love them. A large range of Aroids with a special focus on Philodendron species and hybrids.

  • Harland’s Nursery – NSW – Warm and cool climate bulbs, cacti, and succulents

  • Juicy Plant Co – NSW – Wide range of unusual and collectable cacti, succulents and pond plants perfect for backyard ponds & water bowls, including edibles

  • Kawana Gardens Nursery – NSW – Orchids, large range hanging baskets, Rhipsalis, Hoyas, aeschynanthus, columneas
    and Lepismium

  • Ray Nesci Bonsai Nursery - NSW- Established bonsai plants, starter plants and accessories.

  • Succulents Australia – NSW – Specialising in the rare and unusual. Varieties include: Adromischus, Aeonium, Crassula, Cotyledon, Echeveria, Haworthia, Lithops, Sedum, Sempervivums and lots more

  • Tilli’s Air Plants  - NSW - Wide selection of unique and distinct tillandsias for the avid collector

  • Tinonee Orchids – NSW – Native and hybrid orchids, and orchid cultivation accessories

  • Tropical Garden Society Sydney - NSW - Mostly shade lovers inc. bromeliads, palms, ferns, orchids, cacti, cycads, hoyas

  • Verdigris Fern Nursery – NSW – Exciting range of native and exotic ferns 


African Violets & other Gesneriads


Garden Accessories & Special Interest

  • Australian Plant Society Central Coast - NSW - Information packs on Australian Native Species. Membership available. A not for profit organisation

  • Cut Above -  NSW – Quality garden tools and accessories

  • Kokedama by Krystalis -NSW- Offering beautifully made DIY Kokedama Moss Balls kits and live Kodedama.  Kokedama means 'plant with no pot' and is the art of binding an ornate plant in moss and jute string.  Krystalis will demonstrate and host mini workshops with the DIY Kit. Every workshop attendee will receive a kit, plant and expert tuition.

  • Potters from the Central Coast – NSW – Specially produced garden-themed pottery

  • Permaculture Central Coast - NSW -Central Coast edible plant trail - a not for profit organisation

  • The Rusty Garden  – NSW – Steel garden art. Commissions welcomed and a great range of firepits, bench seats, signs, pots, and animal silhouettes

Food and Beverages

  • Emmy’s Turkish Gozleme – Freshly prepared savoury and dessert gozleme and cold drinks

  • Joy Soul Foods  – Everything GF. Selection of Raw and Baked Goods incl. Dairy Free/ Vegan/ Paleo/ Low & No Sugar options

  • Kariong Mountains High School Canteen – Sandwiches, pies, sausage rolls, wraps, nachos, banana bread, muffins, cold drinks coffee and Devonshire Tea

  • Viet Yum – Traditional freshly prepared Vietnamese food, including spring rolls, summer rolls, papaya salad, and crispy wontons

  • Coastie Coffee Birds - Quality coffee from the Coastie Birds

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