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Privacy Policy

In plain, everyday English let us assure you that your privacy is important to us.

Any information you share with us will never be shared with third parties except to specifically help us interact with you in a way you’ve asked us to do. For example we do use an external emailing system called MailChimp to send you emails related to Plant Lovers Fair events should you choose to join our emailing list, and you may also choose to interact with us on Facebook.

If you have subscribed to our email lists you are free to un-subscribe at any time, and every time you receive an email from us you will be provided with an option to do so. Our use of email to contact you conforms to all relevant international anti-spam laws.

We use cookies on this site to gather information about how many visitors we get, and how they navigate through our site. We do this to help us identify any problems on the site, and to understand how we can make the site more useful for our visitors.

If we ever change these Privacy and Terms of Service policies we will make those changes clear to you straight away.

For full legalese details of our Privacy and Terms of Service policies related to our use of cookies, how we protect and use any information you share with us via our contact forms, and how we interact with our third party service providers (Google Analytics, Facebook and MailChimp) please click on the button below.

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